If you desire, we will barcode each bottle, which allows you to keep your inventory updated in with a simple click of the bar code gun. To utilize this service, each bottle is labeled with a barcode sticker that also shows price, score and drinking date ranges. Then, with our easy-to-use scanner, each time you remove a wine a quick swipe past the reader keeps your inventory up to date automatically. 

Even though we find barcode labels a great way to maintain inventory, it is in no way a requirement for effective cellar management. Barcoding is only needed for cellars that have high turnover. The average collector has no problem manually editing the inventory in the database, especially when they treat it as a periodic task (such as weekly or bi-weekly). 

“It is so much easier maintaining our collection of 5,000 bottles now that we’ve had Starkland bar code it.  We just “zap” a bottle with the bar code gun and it’s automatically removed from inventory!”Lana Tolman, Beverly Hills