Pinots with Rex Pickett, author of Sideways

Rex Picket joined me on the Roger Hedgecock TV Show to talk about his play Sidewayss, opening at the La Jolla Playhouse later this month. I really enjoyed the production when I saw it last year at the Ruskin Theatre in Santa Monica. It’s based on Rex’s novel so that even if you’ve seen the film multiple times (like most of my wine geek friends!) it’s quite different with both an additional poignancy and one hilarious scene that didn’t make it into the movie.

So in honor of all that Rex has done for Pinot Noir, I brought three different ones for us to try. The picture below is of Roger doing his impression of Sandra Oh hitting Jack with her motorcycle helmet (if you saw the movie, you know that he deserved it!) See if you can catch my major gaffe in the first minute of the show:

Click below to watch Rex Pickett & Robin Stark on the Roger Hedgecock TV Show

To learn more about the La Jolla Playhouse production:

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