Inventory Services

We begin the job by cataloging every bottle in your cellar and reviewing the inventory with you. If desired, we will perform a cellar reorganization that allows for optimum space considerations. We then place the list into Cellartracker, an online database which will provide you with instant access to your collection over any internet connection (or even through your cellphone or PDA). This allows you to view each of your wines with reviews, scores, current valuation, drinking timeframe, and location in the cellar. You can run a myriad of reports, including restaurant-style wine lists, drinkability summaries, summaries by region, type or vintage, and filtered listings showing wines from a particular, region, type price range, etc.


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“Robin brings great energy, passion and reliability to any project she takes on. It’s a pleasure working with her, and she is very fair in all respects.” – Jeffrey Strauss, Pamplemousse Grille,  San Diego CA  

Ongoing Cellar Maintenance
Unless you convert to Mormonism, your cellar is not going to be static. Most of our clients find the online system so easy to use that they maintain their own inventory after we set them up. However, if desired, we will schedule periodic visits to keep your collection perfectly organized. If you are using our Bar Code labeling service, this may only be needed once a year, otherwise, we typically perform this service once a quarter, or any time after a large purchase of wine has been made.

 “I always knew over the years that I had collected the finest wines.  Now that my cellar has been inventoried by Starkland, it’s no longer a guess.”Dan and Kim Walker, San Antonio TX

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