An Amazing Day at San Leonardo


My much-anticipated month of biking and wine tasting in Italy finally began last week. Five of my closest wine-loving friends joined me for a ride through the Veneto, which includes Lake Garda and the beautiful valleys of the river Adige .. Read the rest of this entry>>

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  1. Terry Hughes

    You’re forgiven, Robin. The French grapes in that zone have been there a very long time. I happen to like some of those Bordelais blends quite a lot. But a dog named Barrique…there I draw the line!

    Buon viaggio e buon rientro!

  2. Do Bianchi

    Great post Robin! So glad you enjoyed your time in Alto Adige and I have a little confession to make: I do like San Leonardo. It’s one of the few Bordeaux blends that I have tasted from Italy that seem to really have a raison d’être… It’s great to get a window onto the amazing world that is Robin Stark and the wines she tastes and likes! Keep it coming…

  3. Do Bianchi

    p.s. thanks for the shoutout…!!!

  4. Elaine

    Oh Robin, always working so hard over there…Damn, Girl, I want your life one of these days.
    Drink a swig of Amarone for me & Michael on our anniversary tomorrow (October 2)!!! 🙂

  5. Christine Finch

    Hi Robin! Sounds like a fantastic time so far – but tell me – have you been on the bike yet?

  6. David

    Wonderful trip, wish I could make it. Definitely want to on the next one.

  7. Mark Lovett

    Okay Robin, jealous can’t begin to describe my feelings as I imagine you downing glass after glass of Amarone. It’s simply not fair! Can’t wait to hear all to stories – over a bottle of Amarone, of course!

  8. Shawn Butler

    Awesome! Keep up the good life!

  9. Carrie

    I want to be Robin Stark in my next life! Wonderful update girlfriend.
    Have fun…


  10. Wine Cellar Club

    Have Fun!

    I hate you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. John Venekamp

    Robin, keep tasting and cycling. So look forward to hearing more about your trip and all the wonderful tips that you will bring home for us.

  12. Joe Hageman

    Not sure if you’ve made it to Tuscany yet, but if you haven’t you have to go to the small outdoor Trattoria in Greve in Chianti. My wife and I had lunch there on our honeymoon and after two weeks in Italy (and a week in Spain) it was still the most memorable meal we had. I think it’s called Tratorria del Piazza, or something like that.

    Also visit Isole e Olena winery in that same area. Wonderful wines and wonderful people.

  13. John Casey

    Some say the glass is half empty. Some say it it half full. I say either way, pass it over!!!

  14. Wayne Dunlap

    Robin, great blog… it’s wonderful to see Americans having fun!

  15. Shelley Satonin

    You make me want to get my taste buds tuned up (if not my bike!) and do some more tasting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Lena

    Spectacular! Does life get better than this? Ciao, Bella!

  17. Rick Polischuk


    What a tough life. I still want to get together with you when you return to discuss my Paso Robles winemaking venture. Let me know when you have some free time. Picking your brain and sharing your expertise will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Eric LeVine

    Robin, sounds like great fun!

    I have a few bottles of the 1997 San Leonardo resting in the cellar–sounds like perhaps I should give one a shot.

  19. Lana Tolman

    How much wine has she had????

  20. Keara

    Robin I love the blog! now i can track your amazing travels. Can’t wait to show you around in december! much love

  21. Jennifer Wangers


    Truly an adventure! You deserve it. I cannot wait to get a full wine report when you arrive home.



  22. Jennifer Wangers


    Can they pull you over in Italy for DWB? Just curious. Looking forward to getting a full wine report upon your return.



  23. Wanda Garner

    Wow, what a wonderful experience you’re having. I, too, am jealous, especially about tasting the Amarone.

    Enjoy your adventure. I love Tuscany; it’s my favorite destination. Wish I were there, too.


  24. Maureen

    Wow — first post and this trip sounds wonderful already. Wishing I could be there with you. But since I’m not there, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

  25. Steven Libman

    Hi Robin, promised to bring me back a bottle of every wine you sample..and I am going to hold you to that!!! 🙂

    Your fan club in San Diego misses you.
    take care,

  26. Lynn Lathrop

    Love the update, love the snaps! Wish I were there, though I wonder if I could bike a straight line if I were…. I’d sure like to give it a try!
    Aren’t the Dolomites an incredible sight?
    Looking forward to your next blog…

  27. Dawn

    You know how much I love a good wine story!!!! Thx for sharing.

  28. Zeke

    Nice, Robin. Glad you’re having a great trip!

  29. Gordon Wangers

    Sounds like a really memorable experience to do a full tasting with the Marchese. He is the real deal the kind that make these trips so worth it. Surreal, another chapter in the whimsical life of Robin. Nice work if you can get it!

  30. Mitch Hinz

    Robin, one of these days I’m going to come along,
    but there is a major gap in your trip itineraries:
    where is the golf?

    I see no gap between biking thru beautiful parts of Italy,
    spending the evenings sipping delicious bordeux blends,
    and then getting up early the next morning to shoot a
    quick nine before lunch. We got the Ryder back, didn’t we?

    xo and welcome to the Bloggosphere. My travels thru
    Asia are being blogged up as well. I’ll unveil when ready.
    love and hugs from Copenhagen,

    p.s. Beth is coming to visit me this weekend. We’ll go to
    the best wine cellar in town and toast to you!

  31. Ellen

    Hey GF, couldn’t you say ANYTHING about the biking? I understand that whole, “ride to drink” thing you have going on, but it DOES start with the riding! It all sounds like your usual fabulous adventure, keep having them.

  32. Scott Dickey

    Robin, sounds like you’re having a great time. Thanks for including me. Let’s pick up on that conversation regarding a VeloNews travel supplement that I want you to lead for us next fall. We also just secured a bunch of rights from ASO for next year’s TDF. Let’s discuss when you get home.


  33. Jim Rome of ESPN

    Due to the exhaustive, untiring efforts of Robin Stark throughout the years, The IOC is considering wine cycling as a replacement for baseball in the next summer games to be held in London.

    Great job Robs! Perhaps you can utilize this month as prep for 2012.

  34. Pietro

    Parle de diavolo e spuntano le corna! Ero appena rientrato dalla Germania questo settimana quando ho visto tuo website e messago de vostra giro d’Italia. Complimenti e congratulazioni!
    Alright Robin, please no emails correcting my butchered Italian.
    Per ora, mando i miei piu cordiali saluti e spero che ci revedro un’ altro volta.
    A presto, Peter
    My best regards to your good friends Jeff L and Albert T!

  35. Kerry

    No need for Avena Diaper Ointment this time, eh?

    Someday we’ll get there with you…I promise!

    K and L

  36. jeanette

    Being the one and only english member of the contingent on this HEAVENLY bike/wine trip……………………..all i can say is thanks robin and BOTTOMS UP !!!…ROBIN YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN X J

  37. Leigh

    Hey, sounds like you definitely have the “sweet new year” thing off to a great start 🙂

    thanks for sharing the news from the stool… er, trail… enjoy!! xoxo leigh

  38. Marie Daniels ~ Shine Editor

    Old world Bordeaux blends… you’re killing me. I am suffering through each description of wonderful pours, grand estates, and gorgeous scenery. Ah, what a life!
    I am holding you to a lunch of more tales when you return.

    buon viaggio!


  39. Maya

    Talk about the good life! The trip sounds fantastico!

  40. Susan

    As you prepared to bike through Tuscany, we were driving through Languedoc — just one vineyard, but OHHH the food!

  41. Rita Alipour

    Sounds too good to be true!! I want some Merlot grapes…

  42. Camille


    Thanks for this advance reconnaissance on all our behalf! The sacrifices you make are to be commended!

    With affection,


  43. Theresa

    We can’t wait to join you on one of your fabulous trips!

  44. Larry

    Si, Fantastico, eh!
    Now if we can add a round of tuscan golf (do they have golf courses in Italy?) or Alpine skiing into the drinking ride, I’m in.
    “Tre Bicchieri”? Is that ‘really bitchen’ or ‘three whiny women’ in Italian?
    Keep pumpin the pedals girl!

  45. Cathy Bertocci

    My first biking trip and it was bravissimo! You navigated the wine lists so well and chose some lovely wines I may never have tried! Finding the usual suspects is pretty easy;finding stuff one should know about but does not is what you are very good at!

    Loved the visit to San Leanardo! Every man should hope to be as elegant as the Marchesi!

  46. Kandis

    Cara Robina-
    What a hoot! I almost feel as if I’d been on the trip with you. ALMOST! I think maybe next time I’ll have to be there in person.
    Will we be hearing about the Sicily portion of the trip? Or have you not recovered yet from pedaling up to Erice.
    More, MORE, MORE!!!!!!! Per favore.
    Con affetto–Candy

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