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  • Custom Wine Tastings

At Starkland Cellar Services we are committed to making your wine cellar the most organized part of your life. Many wine lovers reach a point where they simply lose track of the bottles they have acquired and they find themselves with a wine collection that has become out-of-control. With Starkland, you will regain control of your collection. We organize your cellar and provide an inventory of your collection that includes scores and reviews, original cost and current valuation, drinking timeframe, and location in the cellar.

Our online system makes it quick and easy for you to get any type of information, any time you like. You can run lists based on any category, such as all Bordeaux that are in their prime drinking range, or all California Cabernet in a particular price category. Our optional barcoding service allows you to maintain your inventory with a quick “swipe” of the bottle. With our expertise and experience, we provide cellar maintenance in a fast and efficient manner, and for only half the price of other cellar services.

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Robin has perfected the technique of turning a cellar of chaos into one of order … her knowledge of wine is a great advantage in providing cellar management services.” — Steve Hochberg, Rancho Santa Fe, CA